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    "Progress Cooperation Win-win"



    Yinbang is committed to exploring sustainable material solutions with its partners,Driving the industry development through materials innovation, And making lives easier.


    To exceed customers' expectations, increase employees' happiness, create shareholders' returns and pay back the society. Meanwhile, to reduce the usage of resources, relief theburden of the environment .

    Core Values

    • Progress


      Craftsman ship

      Respons ibility



    • Cooperation

      Technology endorse

      Constantly promote

      Healthy compete

      Praise innovation

      Open embracived

    • Win-win

      Achieve others

      Share achievements

      Serve the country

      Guard environment

      Develop insist

    Interpretation Of Brand Logo:

    The icon evolved from the small seal script of the state of Chinese characters and combined with the square outline to form a visual symbol symbolizing Chinese seal. In the seal script, the left side represents growth and construction, and the right side represents cities. As a brand logo, Bangzi represents the company's brand concept of people-oriented and United. The form of China seal represents the spirit of sincere treatment between the company and people, the company and society, and the company and customers.

    The icon color is composed of a blue-green gradient representing technology and the future, which shows the company's spirit of continuous innovation and enterprising, and finally brings people the ideal of a relaxed life.

    Yb in the logo is the abbreviation of the company's foreign name yinbang clad material Co., Ltd., and yinbang is the abbreviation of the company's Chinese name yinbang metal composite Co., Ltd. Qingzhu future represents the company's ideal and mission to finally bring people a relaxed life through material and technological innovation and progress.


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